Residential Life Sustainability Educators Committee

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Residential Life Sustainability Educators Committee

Purpose Statement



The Department of Residential Life’s Sustainability Education Committee (RLSEC) at Louisiana State University (LSU) exists to assist the department in its vision of being “a premier living-learning community that embodies the highest standards of campus housing.” (Vision 2020, Residential Life Strategic Plan) One of the department’s 5 goals is to “promote stewardship of resources within our community in support of global environmental sustainability.” (Vision 2020)  The RLSEC seeks to make this goal a reality through both education and action.



The RLSEC seeks to collaborate with and support LSU’s Campus Committee for Sustainability (CCS). Based on the RLSEC’s position within the department of Residential Life, and it’s goal to educate and activate departmental staff and residents, the RLSEC will complement and extend the CCS mission. The RLSEC will serve as a conduit for sustainable change both departmentally and campus wide. The RLSEC will departmentally assist with CCS’s strategies and goals, which are guided in the domains of: Engagement, Operations, and Education.



The RLSEC will also work with CCS to achieve and maintain a STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, & Rating System) rating developed by AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education). The RLSEC will assist achieving credits by developing and including sustainability initiatives in: student educators programs, student outreach campaigns, new student orientation, materials and publications, student groups, model rooms, themed housing, events, learning outcomes, facilities for bicyclists, support programs for underrepresented groups, gender neutral housing, student training opportunities, building operations and maintenance, building energy consumption, strategic plans and through innovation.



Pledge to Live Green



LSU's new Residential Life Sustainability Educators Committee (RLSEC) encourages students to pledge to live green.  


  • Are you familiar with Energy Star?
  • Do you use a drying rack?
  • Do you wash in cold water settings?
  • Do you choose local food?
  • Do you volunteer on campus?
  • Do you encourage others to live sustainable?
  • Have you "liked" LSU Campus Sustainability facebook page?






Agriculture Residential College



Students in the Agricultural Residential College (ARC) housed in Blake Hall are divided into 3 academic tracks: Animals, Environment/Sustainability, and Food, Fitness and Fashion.  Each track is coordinated by at least one faculty member who develops and implement track specific programs and assignments throughout the academic year. In addition, all ARC students participate in at least one challenge: Fitness via America on the Move, Going Green, footprints scored via moodle,  or Project TAM, designing a product from recycled tote bags.



Res Colleges at LSU


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