Faculty and Staff

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Faculty and Staff

There are many ways for faculty and staff to get involved with LSU Campus Sustainability.  Below is a short list of resources to help get you started.  We are always open to new ideas and initiatives.  Please email your opinions, questions or comments to Green@ lsu.edu.





To begin, review our sustainability checklists.


Campus-wide Sustainability Policy, Leave a Positive Footprint


Green Your Office, Save Energy


Green Your Office, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle






Sustainability Curriculum in Education Committee (SCURRE)


Research Centers


LSU AgCenter, Environment & Natural Resources







Staff Senate Professional Development, August 18, 2011


Staff Senate Sustainability Overview, November 2009


Staff Senate Newsletter, December 2011 (page 2 and 4)


LSU Childcare


LSU Wellness (LSU Health Center)


LSU Wellness (LSU AgCenter EatSmart)


LSU Safety (Chapter: Campus Resources)


Employee Training