Green Tiger Project

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Green Tiger Project

"Where stately oaks and broad magnolias shade inspiring halls.....

Green Tiger Project is a vision of the LSU Foundation to integrate campus beautification with campus sustainability.  Past projects include Endow an Oak, Enhancing the Core, Paw Pride, and now.......




Spring Greening Day



The second annual Spring Greening Day and Sustainability Expo was held on April 8, 2011.  This event was initiated for a number of reasons:



    •  to allow the student body to make a service contribution to campus beautification
    •  to allow Facility Services to consolidate the many asks they receive from student organizations wishing to help the campus
    •  to celebrate our students
    •  to reward an organization who provides the most students
    •  to assist the grounds crew (do in a few hours what take weeks to do)




2010 Press Release

See 2010 photos of this event

Athletes involved in 2011






Over 300 volunteers helped beautify the campus through annual and perennial plantings, by spreading mulch and caring for the campus oaks and they also had the opportunity to learn more about current “green” initiatives on campus.   A sustainability expo was held to educate students, faculty and staff about methods of sustainability and ways to get more involved in the effort to make LSU more “green.”







Spring Greening Day is organized through a joint operation between the Division of Student Life’s Campus Life office and the Office of Facility Services with support of the Green Tiger Project and corporate sponsor the Albemarle Foundation. The Spring Greening Day service project was created in support of the LSU Green Tiger Project, a movement led by LSU First Lady Jan Martin and the LSU Foundation to allow alumni, friends and fans to make gifts that will assist with campus beautification efforts.








“The goal is to beautify campus by planting sustainable growth, so you see a lot of shrubbery and grasses with just enough splash of color for everyone to enjoy,” said Fred Fellner, assistant director of Landscape Services.   


There stands our dear Old Alma Mater who to us recalls..."