Campus Committee for Sustainability

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Campus Committee for Sustainability

I. Preamble

The issue of sustainability has long been recognized as an important issue on the LSU campus among administration and campus environmental advocacy groups.  LSU has been proactive in performing many sustainable actions (Re: LSU Green Campus Initiative) that moves the campus toward achieving “climate neutrality”.  This effort has been further advanced by the Governor’s signing of State Executive Order No. BJ 2008-8 which addresses sustainability of State owned facilities.  A campus committee on sustainability was created in 2008 to present and include a cross section of the campus community.  The committee meets quarterly in an effort to monitor the progress being made toward the achievement of the goals in the plan.


CCS Meeting Minutes and Presentations

CCS Year at a Glance 2009/10

II. Mission of the Campus Committee for Sustainability

LSU Campus Committee for Sustainability serves in an advisory role to the Chancellor with a mission to research and evaluate new and innovative measures through which the University can continuously improve its impact on the environment.  By conducting operations in a sustainable manner wherever possible, LSU can play a positive role in the future of the planet while being fiscally responsible and serving as a leader in environmentally-friendly initiatives among peer institutions across the country.

III. Implementation


The Committee shall pursue this mission in the following ways:


  1. Prepare a comprehensive inventory of LSU’s existing carbon footprint (greenhouse gas inventory)
  2. Document LSU’s existing efforts towards achieving sustainability
  3. Develop an action plan to improve LSU’s sustainability efforts
  4. Promote public awareness of LSU’s efforts toward sustainability

IV. LSU Green Initiative


The committee focuses on a 13 point plan:


  1. Teaching and Research
  2. Purchasing and Administrative Services
  3. Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling
  4. Energy Conservation
  5. Energy Purchasing
  6. Water and Waste Water
  7. Hazardous Waste
  8. Transportation
  9. Food and Food Services 
  10. Campus Grounds and Land Use
  11. New Construction
  12. Campus Planning and Design
  13. Disaster Management


V. Membership

The committee is comprised of:

 1. Seven staff – Campus Planning (chair), Finance and Administration, Facility Development, Facility and Utility Operations, Staff Senate, University Relations, Chancellor’s Office

 2. Three faculty – Chemical Engineering (co-chair), Academic Affairs, Facility Design and Development Committee/School of Coast and Environment.


 3. Three students – Student Government,  Environmental Conservation Organization, Environmental Graduate Organization.