How to Recycle

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How to Recycle

click the image above to download a Green Living Guide for Baton Rouge Recycling





Mixed Paper

newspaper, copy paper, color paper



corrugated, cereal boxes, etc


Plastic Containers 

bottles, jugs, cups, etc


Aluminum/Tin/Steel Cans



Paper back ONLY


Cell Phones

Coming Soon



Frey Comp Svs., Facility Services, ECE Bldg, and University Stores Lobby

For more information about battery recycling click here.



University Own Only-computers, monitors, printers, scanners, keyboards & mice

Departments should contact Property Management at 578-6921  

For more information about campus e-waste, click here.  


Fluorescent Light Bulbs 

Environmental Health & Safety Warehouse (Gurrier Rd)


Motor Oil & Car Batteries

Environmental Health & Safety Warehouse  

For more information about hazardous waste, click here. 


Scrap Metals 

Landscape Services Roll-off Dumpster site



Landscape Services, Roll-off Dumpster

For more information about Green Yard Waste, click here.


Toner/Ink Cartridges 

University Stores  

For more information about University Stores, click here.



From 459 Commons to Callegari Env. Center

For more information about biodiesel, click here.


Construction Debris 

contractor requirement

For more information about construction waste diversion, click here.


Composting of Organics 

limited to Fall Festival event  

For more information about composting, click here.



Items that we do not recycle:

Soiled PAPER, Greasy pizza boxes or napkins, Styrofoam, Plastic Bags, Glass





You can find blue containers and green dumpsters all over campus and in ALL campus buildings. Contact Andres Harris at 268.3385 or email to request more bins.



click map below for larger image









As you can see, LSU recycling has increased steadily over the last 5 years.




From 2010 to 2011, LSU's waste stream decreased from 5579 to 4966 tons, while its recycling percentage climbed form 31 to 34%.  This includes all paper, cardboard, aluminum cans and plastic from the blue bins, plus game day recycling, wood, leaves, scrap metal, carpet, miscellaneous metals, and concrete.  LSU also recycles motor oil, car batteries, tires, cooking oil, electronic, and light bulbs.





  • In 2005, 1300 tons of debris from hurricane Katrina was chipped and used under the live oaks.  


  • In 2008, LSU recycled 2860 tons of debris from hurricane Gustav.



If it can't be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished,refinished, resold or recycled then it should be restricted,redesigned or removed from production. (Berkeley Ecology Center)






Electronics Recycling


Recycle your old computer and electronic equipment with the Capital Corporate Recycling Council.  CACRC is a Baton Rouge nonprofit designed to tackle the problem of the tens of thousands of computers, cell phones, etc. that will become “obsolete” in our community. Give your stuff a second chance at schools, non-profits, and in the community while protecting the environment. CACRC WILL ACCEPT: Computer hardware, Computer Accessories (keyboards, mice, speakers, etc.), monitors, printers, telephones, telephone systems, security systems, Cell phones/bag phones, beepers, networking equipment, fax machines, circuit boards (of any type), processors, telephone and computer cable, uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), toner cartridges, and ink jet cartridges. CACRC WILL NOT ACCEPT: Televisions, stereos, appliances, or furniture.


Looking for other options to sell, buy or recycle used electronics? Check out EcoSquid an easy search engine for consumers to find convenient options for selling, buying or recycling used electronics.


If you would like additional options for donating or recycling old computer and other electronic products go to the EPA electronics recycling resource page.



Red Stick Freeuse Network


The Red Stick FreeUse Group is a non-profit “Free Use” group for the Baton Rouge area. Check this group for information on how to connect with people who are offering or seeking items such as furniture, clothes, appliances, plants books, etc.