Ways Students Can Take Action

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Ways Students Can Take Action

Become a Leader

Join a student Environmental Organization

Get to know your Student Government Director of Sustainability

Take Action

Get Involved in Sustainability Initiatives or Campaign

Pledge to Live Green

Join our Community Garden

Purchase a Refillable Mug

Get Educated

Take a Virtual Tour of our Green Features

Look for A Sustainability Major

Sign up for a Sustainability Related Course

Check out Service Learning Opportunities through CCELL

Learn How to Do LSU

Stay Connected

LIKE LSU Recycles on Facebook

LIKE LSU Campus Sustainability on Facebook

Volunteer your Service

Work in the Recycling or Campus Sustainability Office

Volunteer LSU

Green up your Commute

Brush up on Bike Safety

Find your bus using the new GPS app

Share a ride, visit Paws/Campus Community/Ride Share